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Juweliergeschäft La Serlas – Firmenportrait an der Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich

Company Portrait of a jewellery boutique in Zurich

Wonderful photo shooting at La Serlas, a traditional and exquisite jewellery boutique for unique jewellery and watches. After photographing the location and taking portraits of the team and staff members as well as individual jewellery pieces, I was able to photograph the goldsmiths at their work. As an exclusive service to its clientele, La Serlas offers custom made jewellery which precisely meets the customers wishes. The jewellery designer makes drawings of the desired jewellery based on a conversation with the customers. Thereafter, wax models are printed. These will then be carefully crafted into exclusive, unique pieces of jewellery. Some image of this photo session were published in the Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse in July 2013 together with a report about La Serlas and an interview with owner and manager Mr Gregor Barth.

Firmenportrait La Serlas

Foto Shooting bei La Serlas, dem Traditionsjuwelier an der Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. Das Geschäft in der Nähe des Paradeplatzes ist spezialisiert auf exklusive Juwelen, Unikate und auserlesene Uhren. Nach dem Fotografieren der Location, des Teams und einzelner Schmuckstücke, schaute ich im Atelier den Goldschmieden über die Schulter und fotografierte sie bei der Arbeit. Als exklusive Dienstleistung bietet La Serlas ihrer Klientel an, Schmuckstücke und Unikate herzustellen, die präzis dem Kundenwunsch entsprechen.  Hierzu fertigt die Goldschmiedin und Schmuckdesignerin bei einem Gespräch  mit den Kunden zuerst Zeichnungen der Schmuckstücke an.  Danach werden daraus mit einem 3-D-Drucker und Wachsplotter entsprechende Wachsmodelle hergestellt.  Diese wiederum werden in sorgfältiger Handarbeit zu exklusiven Schmuckstücken gefertigt.

Bilder diese Fotoshootings wurden im Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse im Juli 2013 im Rahmen eines Berichtes über La Serlas und Interviews mit dem Geschäftsinhaber Hr. Gregor Barth publiziert.


Firmenportrait Blumen Fitze in der Altstadt von Zürich

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to portrait various small shops in the old town of Zurich for an article in the Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse. One company portrait was of the flower boutique Blumen Fitze and owner Mrs Maja Remund who has been managing the shop for many years with great enthusiasm.

Im Rahmen einer Fotoreportage für das Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse durfte ich im Frühling dieses Jahres mehrere Läden, deren Inhaber und Produkte portraitieren. Hier Impressionen des Blumengeschäfts Blumen Fitze ( an der Augustinergasse 20 in Zürich. Inhaberin Frau Maja Remund führt mit Begeisterung seit vielen Jahren das bekannte Blumengeschäft in der Altstadt. Die Farbenpracht der Blumen, insbesondere auch die wunderschönen Rosen, lieferten immer wieder neue Fotomotive.


Firmenportrait M. Biondi: Antiquitäten und Restaurationen

For a report about small businesses and shops in Zurich, the editor of the magazine and I visited Mr Massimo Biondi and learned a lot about antiques and their renovations. His antique shop is located in a wonderful district with narrow little streets in the old town of Zurich.  Well known in the neighbourhood, his imaginative window displays are redesigned every 3 days and provide a perfect marketing instrument.

Für eine Reportage über kleine Läden in der Altstadt von Zürich besuchten die Redaktorin und ich Herrn Massimo Biondi. Am Rindermarkt, einem Altstadtquartier mit viel Charme und verwinkelten Gassen, befindet sich sein Antiquitätenladen und seine Werkstatt. Hr. Biondi gewährte uns einen sehr interessanten Einblick in die Welt der Antiquitäten und Restaurationen. Mit einem aussergewöhnlichen Schaufenster in seinem Geschäft, welches er alle 3 Tage neu fantasievoll  dekoriert und als perfektes Marketinginstrument einsetzt, ist er im Quartier bestens bekannt und sorgt damit stets für neuen Gesprächststoff.



Love Affair in Zürich

On behalf of a Zurich communications and advertising agency I was working on a photo series they named “Love Affair in Zurich.” I needed some models who were romantic love couples in real life to realize the photo ideas I had in mind.  Moïra, Naomi, Lucien and Serhat were happy to perform their first ever model session for this photo project in Zurich’s old town district. On a grey and cold Saturday afternoon/evening in March we met in town – it was very cold – but lots of fun too, especially when everyone tried to stay serious and be romantic on demand 😉 !! Many, many thanks for their great job at the on-location photo shootings in the heart of Zurich!

Im Auftrag einer Züricher Kommunikations- und Werbeagentur arbeitete ich an einer Fotoserie/Fotoreportage zum Thema “Love Affair in Zurich”. Um meine Ideen zu diesem Projekt in der Altstadt Zürichs zu verwirklichen, engagierte ich Moïra, Naomi, Lucien und Serhat, die auch im “echten” Leben Liebespaare sind und ihren ersten Modeljob super gut machten. Es war grau und kalt an diesem Samstag Nachmittag/Abend in der Stadt, sehr kalt sogar, dennoch machte uns allen dieses Fotoshooting viel Spass, vor allem wenn es hiess, auf Knopfdruck romantisch verliebt zu sein und sich für die Langzeitbelichtung der Aufnahmen nicht zu bewegen  😉 . Vielen, vielen Dank für die tolle Mitarbeit an den On-Location Foto-Shootings im Herzen von Zürich!



Portrait Photo Session: Girl Power!

What a fun photo shooting we had! It all started from a birthday present from a mom to her daughter: the main idea was to take lovely photos of two BF4ever, but we squeezed in also some great  “Mum and daughters” and “Sweet sisters”-photos. We were blessed with an amazing and sunny afternoon, and after some “warm-up” photos inside we soon moved out to the garden and went even down to Lake Zurich. What can I say, a lot of fun and laughter! Let the photos speak for themselves.

Alles began mit einem Geburtstagsgeschenk: Mama schenkte ihrer Tochter zum Geburtstag ein Foto-Shooting. Best Friends 4ever Shots, Mama und Töchter Portraits – und das bei allerschönstem Wetter. Nach ein paar Warm-up Fotos im Haus und im Garten, verlegten wir unsere Foto-Session an den See. Ich danke Euch Girls für ein tolles Foto-Shooting, an welches ich mich immer wieder gerne zurück erinnere!!




Enamorada de Valencia – In love with Valencia

I am in love with Valencia, the wonderful Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea. I have always been “enamorada”. In love with the city which holds so many happy childhood memories, where I had spent many great summers. My second hometown next to Zurich. A few months ago I went back to Valencia – with my camera of course. I very much like architecture photography and in the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias – City of Arts and Sciences – I was in photography heaven!

Here some info about this beautiful place (source: which was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. The construction started in July 1996  and the finished “city” was inaugurated April 16, 1998.  It is situated in the former riverbed of the river Turia.  The Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias consist of the flowing buildings, which I am showing in my images:

  • L’Hémisferic — an Imax Cinema and Planetarium/Laserium. The building is meant to resemble a giant eye. The Hémisferic also known as the planetarium or the “eye of knowledge,” is the centerpiece of the City of Arts and Sciences. It was the first building completed in 1998. Its design resembles an eyelid that opens to access the surrounding water pool. The bottom of the pool is glass, creating the illusion of the eye as a whole.  The shutter is built of elongated aluminium awnings that fold upward collectively to form a brise soleil roof that opens along the curved axis of the eye. It opens to reveal the dome, the pupil of the eye.
  • El Museu de les Ciències Principe Felípe  — an interactive museum of science that resembles the skeleton of a whale. . The building’s architecture is known for its geometry, structure, use of materials, and its design around nature.
  • L’Umbracle — a landscaped walk with plant species indigenous to Valencia. The Umbracle is a space that is a home to numerous sculptures surrounded by nature. It was designed as a entrance to the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • L’ Oceanogràfic  — an open-air oceanographic park. It is the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe. It was built in the shape of a water lily and is the work of architect Candela. Each building represents different aquatic environments.
  • El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia — an opera house and performing arts center.  It is dedicated to music and the scenic arts. It holds many events such as opera, theatre and music in its auditoriums. Panoramic lifts and stairways connect platforms at different heights on the inside of the metallic frames of the building.
  •  El Punt de L’Assut de l’Or — a suspension bridge that connects the south side with Minorca Street, whose 125 meters high pillar is the highest point in the city.

Here are some images taken during the day …