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Hochzeit Fotografie: Civil Wedding Ceremony at the Lake

Fotoreportage der wunderbaren Zivilhochzeit von Jenny und José.

Time to catch up with my blog! It has been a very busy time since last summer and I will be publishing some blog posts of my favourite photo sessions.

I was so delighted to photograph the wedding of this beautiful, loving couple. Jenny and José, two soul mates and best friends, full of love and care for each other. It was such a pleasure to witness the civil wedding ceremony at the town hall office and then take a stroll down to the lake to take bridal portraits while they were waiting to board their boat. The magic of love!!

Studio Portrait Photo Session

/>Lots of fun with Anka until we got the “perfect” photo during this photo session. As so often when working together with her on past assignments, we have been on the same wave-length also at her very own photo shooting!! Thank you Anka for the good times and looking forward to many more interesting projects!!

Portrait of a Cat

Blogging again!! I have been very busy the past few month with loads of photo sessions and am now preparing some blog posts of my favourite ones. People portrait sessions have been in high demand as well as a some company portraits. But – I will start my blog posts again with something different this time, with a portrait of a cat 🙂

Recently I was a clients place doing an on location studio photo shooting. While I was setting up my studio lights and equipment, the clients’ beautiful and inquisitive cat came to check out all my gear. She sat in the middle of the background paper roll while watching me work, posing perfectly for me. I could not help to take a few portraits of this gorgeous cat with her stunning yellow eyes. I was fascinated by her perfect face and mimic. It is a so called Chartreux cat which is a rare breed of domestic cat originally from France.

Visit to the Langa Township near Cape Town

Tourists who come to visit Cape Town (including me!) usually only get to see the beautiful luxury places in and around the Mother City, the glitz and glamour of the Atlantic Seaboard as well as the absolutely breath-taking nature the area has to offer. And I admit it, I enjoy it. Very much. All of it. Every time. So much that I keep coming back to this beautiful country.

However, in the recent years the townships in South Africa opened their doors to tourism by offering guided tours to visitors. I did a lot of research beforehand and found a very reliable and trustworthy guide. I wanted my kids to understand that there is another side to life and that all the things we take for granted are actually not. I only realised after the visit, how much it actually had affected myself as well.

The tour itself provided incredible, very sobering insight into life in a township. It was a humbling, eye-opening and full of contrasts experience with our local guide Nathi, who also lives in the township. It was very inspiring to feel the human spirit full of optimism and enthusiasm despite the difficult living conditions. The locals gave us a warm and friendly welcome, told us about their lives and invited us into their homes. We learned a lot about the Xhosa culture and the township, where everyone knows and helps one another.

As I did not want to bring the usual “candy treat” with on our visit to the township, I asked my sons teacher, if they had some spare school material like booklets, pencils etc. they did not use anymore. Generously my sons school donated a huge bag full of school items which I brought with all the way from Switzerland to the Langa Township. Shortly after we arrived in Langa, school in the township was finished and the kids were on the way home. Immediately we were surrounded by many children. Every child waited very patiently until it was his turn to receive his share of the school items we brought with. There were so many, I wish I had brought more!!

Before our visit in Langa, I felt that a tour into a township to see “the other side”  would be an intrusion into the lives of the very poor of Cape Town, but it wasn’t the case at all. First, it is a way for the people living in the townships to earn some money from tourism as they are obviously charging a fee for the tour as well as selling their handmade art and craft. But in addition, the people actually wanted us to see the improvements, initiatives and progress that have been made in this township over the past years since the end of apartheid. They wanted to demonstrate the energy that is there to lift themselves out of poverty with a focus on education.

While engaging with the people of Langa, I was able to see and experience a part of their lifestyle. Regardless of their poor economic conditions and their difficult housing circumstances, they were very confident, optimistic and strong. And therefore, many of the people in the township who “made it” over the years into a successful and well earning job though education, they actually stay living in the township because they want to carry on improving the situation there. Because the township is the place where their heart is. It is where their support system is as well as their strength is coming from. This visit reminded me of the importance of unity, friendship, supporting each other and the power and effects a smile can have, even when everyday life is surrounded by problems. It was absolutely eye-opening to see how happiness is possible under such scarce conditions and how people can make a living with what we would consider a spare change. It was extremely refreshing to see how a lavish life is not necessary to be happy and how human interaction, and not superficiality, is what really makes a difference and can lead us to be happy. And a visit like that puts life into a very different perspective – many people here in our Western world focus on the really small things to complain and find problems – let’s rather appreciate what we have and most importantly, walk with an open heart and a smile through life!!

Fotoreportage & Event Photography: Wine, Dining and Music with Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi

In January 2014 I was asked to photograph impressions of this wonderful event high above the city of Zurich. On the 23rd floor of the Mobimo Tower, I met Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi, who lead through an evening full of Italian wine history.

The Frescobaldi are a prominent Florentine noble family that have been involved in the political, sociological, and economic history of Tuscany since the Middle Ages. The family’s start in wine production is documented at the beginning of the year 1300 at the historic estate of Tenuta di Castiglioni in Val di Pesa, southwest of Florence. From the beginning, the wine of the Frescobaldi family has been of highest quality and reflecting the uniqueness of their terroirs. By the beginning of the 1400s great Renaissance artists had become faithful clients. A century later the Frescobaldi wines were served at the tables of the Papal Court and the English Court of Henry the Eighth.

Today, Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi represents the thirtieth generation of this renowned Tuscan winegrowing family. His lifework has been the revitalisation of the family’s notable portfolio of agricultural estates, from the point of view both of their products as well as of their financial performance. In 2005, he assumed the position of Managing Director of the Tenute di Castelgiocondo in Montalcino, one of the most prestigious producers of Brunello. Lamberto Frescobaldi was appointed in June 2013 as President of the Board of Directors of the company Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi.

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Autumn Family Portrait

Family Photo Shooting on a beautiful autumn afternoon. The setting, the light, the temperatures and colours of the changing season were just perfect! A family photo session is always very special to me. I love to capture the love and bonds between the family members. Recently I came across this poem which I think reflects beautifully not only a mothers love but also a fathers love …

A Mother’s Love
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
Your heart always understood when I needed a friend.
Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.
(by Sarah Malin)



A little photo project I have been doing … and finally finished. I took images of the same location/tree at various times of the year. Wishing everyone a great start back to work in the new year!

December issue of the Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse

The December issue of the Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse has been published! It makes me very happy to hold it in my hands and flip though the pages. Once again, I was a great honour to work on various articles, meet interesting people and contribute to this beautiful magazine. I also thank the editors very much for dedicating an article to my landscape photography within the essay .


Dreamy Landscapes – Traumlandschaften

On behalf of an communications and advertising agency I had to put together a portfolio of images of dreamy landscapes. In addition to providing them with suitable images which I had already in my photo archive, I packed my hiking boots and my family into the car and we spent various weekends exploring the beauty of the country we live in. Join me on this journey to some of Switzerland’s most beautiful places.

Eine Zuger Kommunikations- und Werbeagentur beauftragte mich, zum Thema “Traumlandschaften & traumverlorene Landschaften” eine Fotostrecke zusammenzustellen. Nachdem ich mein Foto-Archiv durchforstet hatte und noch einige weitere Fotoideen hatte, packte ich meine Wanderschuhe und meine Familie an diversen Wochenenden ins Auto und wir unternahmen zahlreiche Ausflüge in einige der schönsten Ecken der Schweiz.



Next to my “regular client work” which includes photo projects for companies as well as for private persons, I have been enjoying working for the Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse on various photo assignments. I was very happy when an image from my portfolio was chosen for their cover on their 2/2013 issue!  I felt also very honoured when the editors of the magazine dedicated an article to me and featured my portfolio in the same issue. Thank you!! Finally I uploaded the PDFs of some recent publications to my website to include them into my portfolio. Here is an overview of various editorials, interviews and articles I participated on. On a separate note, I was able to contribute to an image book of an real estate project whose editors also chose an image of mine for the cover.

Neben Fotoprojekten für Private und Firmen habe ich seit Beginn 2013 an verschiedenen Fotostrecken für das Magazine Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse gearbeitet. Nun habe ich endlich einige PDFs der Publikationen der vergangenen Monate in mein Portfolio auf meiner Webseite hochgeladen. Ueber das Cover der Ausgabe 2/2013  mit einem Bild aus meinem Portfolio habe ich mich natürlich sehr gefreut, ebenso darüber, dass in der selben Ausgabe einige Seiten mir bzw. meinem Portofolio gewidmet wurden. Herzlichen Dank!! Nachfolgend eine Uebersicht der verschiedenen Artikel, Reportagen, Interviews und Editorials, an welchen ich mitgearbeitet habe. Für das Cover eines Bauprojekt-Imagebooks von Mobimo konnte ich kürzlich ebenfalls eines meiner Bilder zur Verfügung stellen.


Architektur Fotografie: Modernes Einfamilienhaus auf dem Lande …

Real Estate Photography for a wonderful modern house which is on the market for sale. The owner asked me to take some images of his house for the sales brochure and the real estate websites.

Interieur- und Aussenaufnahmen eines modernen Hauses in der Nähe von Lenzburg. Das Haus steht zum Verkauf, die Bilder wurden in der Verkaufsbroschüre und auf Immobilienwebsites publiziert.


Family Photoshooting im Park …

Quite regularly I get requests for family portraits. Even though family portrait photo sessions are not the main area of my photography business, I enjoy doing them a lot.
Of all the memories we hold on to, the ones we never let go of are those of our family. We are there for our children and parents from Day 1, by their side through trials and triumphs, through sunshine and rain, through laughter and weeping. Memories of those times together are priceless. But there comes the day when we have to be independent, stand on our own two feet and move out of the nest, either for studies or for work or to build our own family.
Even years after, families have come back to me and told me how much they appreciate their family portraits and how much they treasure the photos I took for them. What a wonderful reward for my work when I can capture and create lifelong memories for the years to come.
On a wonderful warm and sunny evening I met this family for a portrait photo session with lots of fun and action.

Regelmässig erhalte ich Anfragen für Familienporträts. Obwohl diese Family-Fotosessions nicht zum Hauptbereich meiner Fotografen-Tätigkeit gehören, freue ich mich jedesmal sehr darauf.
Von all unseren Erinnerungen lassen wir diejenigen an unsere Familie nie los. Wir sind da für unsere Kinder bzw. Eltern vom Tag der Geburt an, begleiten sie durch Prüfungen und Triumphe, durch Sonnenschein und Regen, mit viel Lachen und manchmal Tränen. Erinnerungen an jene Zeiten sind unbezahlbar. Aber es kommt der Tag, an welchem wir unabhängig sind und auf unseren eigenen Füssen stehen.
Auch Jahre nach einem Fotoshooting kommen Familien zu mir und erzählen mir, wie sehr sie ihre Familien-Porträts schätzen und die Bilder immer wieder anschauen. Was für eine wunderbare Belohnung für meine Arbeit, wenn ich dazu beitragen kann, diese lebenslangen Erinnerungen zu bewahren.
An einem herrlichen warmen und sonnigen Sommerabend entstanden diese Fotos mit viel Spass und Action. Herzlichen Dank Tiziana und Familie!



Firmenportrait: Sweet Photo Shooting at Cupcake Affair in Zurich

For a report in a magazine I visited business owner Mrs Melanie Jones in her shop “Cupcake Affair”. When the shop opened its’ doors in 2010, Mrs Jones filled a market gap with these delicious cupcakes. Within a very short period of time, the business ran successfully and this year another shop was opened in Bern. This photo shooting was truly mouth watering!

Für eine Reportage besuchte ich Geschäftsinhaberin Frau Melanie Jones in ihrem Ladenlokal “Cupcake Affair”. 2010 eröffnete Frau Jones den Shop an der Spitalgasse 12 im Zürcher Niederdorf und füllte mit den leckeren Kunstwerken eine Marktlücke. Innert kürzester Zeit lief das Geschäft äusserst erfolgreich und bereits dieses Jahr eröffnete sie eine weitere Filiale in Bern. Bei diesem Fotoshooting lief mir das Wasser im Mund zusammen! Die leckeren Fotosujets wurden natürlich anschliessend mit grossen Genuss verspiesen. 😉