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Fotoreportage & Event Photography: Wine, Dining and Music with Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi

In January 2014 I was asked to photograph impressions of this wonderful event high above the city of Zurich. On the 23rd floor of the Mobimo Tower, I met Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi, who lead through an evening full of Italian wine history.

The Frescobaldi are a prominent Florentine noble family that have been involved in the political, sociological, and economic history of Tuscany since the Middle Ages. The family’s start in wine production is documented at the beginning of the year 1300 at the historic estate of Tenuta di Castiglioni in Val di Pesa, southwest of Florence. From the beginning, the wine of the Frescobaldi family has been of highest quality and reflecting the uniqueness of their terroirs. By the beginning of the 1400s great Renaissance artists had become faithful clients. A century later the Frescobaldi wines were served at the tables of the Papal Court and the English Court of Henry the Eighth.

Today, Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi represents the thirtieth generation of this renowned Tuscan winegrowing family. His lifework has been the revitalisation of the family’s notable portfolio of agricultural estates, from the point of view both of their products as well as of their financial performance. In 2005, he assumed the position of Managing Director of the Tenute di Castelgiocondo in Montalcino, one of the most prestigious producers of Brunello. Lamberto Frescobaldi was appointed in June 2013 as President of the Board of Directors of the company Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi.

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